Why Attend

Mark meets with Rep. Schweikert

Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ) Chair of Banking Committee accepts host Mark Perlmutter’s invitation to speak in the Summit – US House of Representatives Office Building, June 6, 2013

Why Attend The CrowdFunding Summit

You’ll hear small business experts explain exactly how CrowdFunding radically changes the playing field and how it will ultimately dis-intermediate big Wall Street money managers too. It’s been said CrowdFunding combined with social media will change the entire investment industry. By combining it with existing financing methods, companies can raise multiple rounds direct from their crowd. And this can meet their needs at various stages of growth, possibly without help from VCs and investment banks. This may significantly improve terms and lower costs of financing for businesses of all size, from local to international.

Become part of the change

Join an online community of early adopters and learn about this before the rest of the market. You and tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners and investors can get the inside story on what has been called the biggest change in the US securities laws since the great depression of 1930′s.

You will get insights from leading global crowdfunders as they share stories of success and failure in CrowdFunding.

Discover how to grow your business by CrowdFunding.

Find out what states allow you to CrowdFund right now, even before the federal law takes effect.

The summit is divided into 7 tracks to help you plan your attendance.