WEB SUMMITS, LLC – The Producer

Web Summits creates online marketing tools for companies tap the power of the crowd while staying lean. These tools are for lean startups as well as multi-million dollar enterprises to tap into their crowd.  We believe our success is measured by the triple bottom line: People – Planet – Profit. 



  • Its purpose is to educate the public.
  • It is completely free and online.
  • 46 experts will be interviewed.
  • The Summit broadcast begins August 25, 2013.
  • For 14 days we broadcast three pre-recorded interviews daily.
  • Passwords are emailed daily to all registrants for that day’s speakers.
  • Tens of thousands of early adopters are expected.
  • We have produced past Summits with 20,000 attendees.



Amy Cortese - NY Times writer on CrowdFunding authored LocaInvesting.

Andrew Bellak - sold his trading firm to Goldman Sachs to start StakeHolders Capital Social Fund.

Geoff Ossias - former SEC regulator, now practicing corporate securities law.

Greg Wendt - wealth manager from Smith Barney, UBS, Prudential, who balances returns with sustainability.

Barry James - serial entrepreneur, patent holder, columnist and advocate of broader UK CrowdFunding law.

Jason Best - one of three citizen lobbyists recognized by the WhiteHouse for getting Congress to pass the bill.

Joel Arberman - expert in direct public offerings.

John Perkins - ex-state securities commissioner and President of the North American Securities Administrators Association (which predates the SEC).

Korstiaan Zandvliet - operates the largest European Equity CrowdFunding platform: Symbid.

Michael Crosson - supports direct public offerings, owns the 3rd largest LinkedIN group in the world: SocialMediopolis.

Michael Shuman - author, attorney, 20 year advocate of local investing, a recognized expert on community economics.

Michael Dinan - aggregated 200 broker dealers for a FINRA approvedcrowdfunding portal.

Nick Warshaw - social cause portal funded by Reid Hoffman; Mike Maples,Michael Birch, Tim Ferriss, and Google.

Randy Williams - founded Keiretsu Angel Forum worldwide with 30 chapters open and counting.

Paul Niederer - oversaw $60 million in CrowdFunding on Australian platform ASSOB.

Paul Spinrad - original petitioner of the SEC in 2010, that sparked the grass roots movement for this revolutionary bill.

Rinaldo Brutucco - media lawyer entrepreneur who did California’s first direct public offering for a catalog company.

Stuart Valentine - Leads the nation’s largest green investment broker dealer: Progressive Assets Management.

Terry Mollner - co-founded the world’s first socially responsible mutual fund in 1982: Calvert Social Funds.

US Representative Patrick McHenry - authored the original CrowdFunding bill in the House Of Representatives.

US Representative David Schweikert – Chairman of the Subcommittee On Investigations, Oversight and Regulations



Mark Perlmutter is an accomplished entrepreneur, investment industry veteran and the founder and chief executive officer of Web Summits. Mark founded Web Summits to help entrepreneurs and small business operators build their businesses through crowdfunding by offering significant resources, tools, and virtual “summits” featuring prominent crowdfunding and venture capital experts. An expert on affinity and crowdfund investing, Mark frequently participates in prominent technology and financial conferences around the U.S. and abroad.

A sought-after speaker and expert on crowdfunding, Mark recently presented at the Deal Flow Media Conference 2012 in San Francisco, CrowdConf 2012 in San Francisco, 2012 Global Trade Expo in Los Angeles, and others. Mark has spoken to thousands of small investors and eco-entrepreneurs in the U.S., Europe and Asia about direct community offerings and affinity-investing, and is a frequently cited source in top-tier outlets including the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Financial Times, Barron’s, the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Business Journal, the Phoenix Business Journal, WebWeek and others.

Mark  helped start CrowdFunding 4 CA, a citizen group currently lobbying the California legislature to adopt a state crowdfunding proposal for job creation in collaboration with leading California securities attorneys. He is also a member of the CrowdFund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CfIRA), an industry group that liaises with the Security and Exchange Commission and other regulatory bodies on creating workable rules for the JOBS Act crowdfunding provisions.

Mark has established a reputation as an innovative entrepreneur, filmmaker and authority on a variety of sectors and subject matters, from social media and online marketing to high-level investment strategies and real estate. Always on top of cutting-edge, disruptive technologies, Mark co-founded Switch Electric Vehicles in 2011 with Jim McGreen and Peter Oliver to manufacture kit cars for consumers to build at home; in 2007, he pioneered direct online marketing for his film company using emerging social marketing strategies, which substantially and consistently produced long-term profits.

Mark began his career practicing residential and commercial real estate sales and management in Denver, CO, eventually moving on to assist high net-worth individuals invest in private and public offerings in real estate, energy, cellular and cable systems, and more. Identifying a need in the capital markets and utilizing his forward-thinking expertise, Mark co-founded public offerings platform DirectIPO, which was sold in 1998. The following year, he founded Wall Street Direct, a venture capital-backed discovery site for accredited investors and the general public to discover and compare deals from different investment banks.

As a prominent advocate for investment-based crowdfunding worldwide, Mark hopes to create a global investment network in the future, allowing the general public to invest in selected U.S. companies they know and love before those companies go public. This network will leverage Mark’s expertise in online marketing, social media and existing security laws.

Mark attained his bachelors in business administration from the University of Denver in 1975. While still a student, he bought, remodeled and sold homes in the downtown Denver area and founded his first company, Applied Solar Systems. He resides near San Francisco with his life partner Susanne, where they enjoy hiking, yoga and TED talks.